Wednesday, June 14, 2017


People often talk about the legacy left behind by someone after they leave an organization or institution. It got me thinking about what I would leave behind at Rosedale, so I looked up the definition. The first definition of legacy is "a gift by will especially of money or other personal property". Unfortunately for Rosedale, I don't have any money or property to give to the staff:). Another definition was "something transmitted by or received from a predecessor or from the past - He left his children a legacy of love and respect". This sounded more like the kind of legacy I wanted to leave with Rosedale.

When I first came to Rosedale, the staff had been through many transitions in a short amount of time and morale was pretty low. My goal for the first year was simply to develop trust with and among the staff and to help create a unified team. As time progressed, we were able to set up some systems to help struggling learners with regular data dives and incorporate systems of intervention for those students. After the building renovation, staff really started embracing technology in the classrooms and also experimenting and trying new techniques with instruction as well as parent communication methods (Class Dojo). Many of the staff members have taken leadership roles with district initiatives and have led staff meetings. Every classroom has truly embraced the district Character Elements and most recently I have seen a real shift from teacher focused classrooms to student focused classrooms. The willingness of this staff to learn and grow has truly inspired me.

As I reflected on the past five years at Rosedale, I tried to figure out what my legacy at the building would be. The more I reflected, the more I realized I had it all backwards. It's not about the legacy I have left, but about the legacy the Rosedale staff and community have left with me. I leave Rosedale a little wiser,  more inspired, and with many happy memories. The friendships and relationships I have developed here will stay with me always and become a part of who I am. Thank you Rosedale team for taking me in as one of your own and for leaving me with a legacy of inspiration and friendship that has made me a better principal and a better man. 

Rosedale Rocks!! 


"That is your legacy when you leave this Earth: How many hearts you touched." - Patti Davis 

"No legacy is so rich as honesty." - William Shakespeare

"I'm not interested in my legacy. I'm more interested in living." - John Glenn

Video from our final Celebrate Monday assembly



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