Sunday, September 27, 2015


One of my favorite things about MythBusters is that often the thing they are proving (or disproving) is something that we all know is "true".  The wow factor is when we see that things were not as they appeared to be or as we "knew they were".  Recently, I was having dinner with a group of friends when someone asked me about Common Core.  Now, I know this has become a political hot topic, but I shared my views. In the most basic concept,  it's the idea that every student, no matter what school or state they come from, will have the same educational foundation.  A student from Louisiana will graduate having the same basic skill sets as a student in California. Everyone at the table agreed that the concept made sense and that students deserved the right to a quality education regardless of where they come from.  That's where the agreement ended.

Soon, it was argued that it limited states' rights in education.  Not at all, in fact states can add to the "core" concepts as they wish (and several have).  Then it was suggested that it was created and handed down from the federal government against the will of educators.  Actually, it was created at the states level (including governors and educators) and is endorsed by the National Education Association. One person stated boldly that Common Core had ruined his daughter's education by making math so difficult in her elementary years.  Knowing that his daughter was in high school, I pointed out that Common Core was only adopted in Michigan four years ago and implemented two years ago.  A long list of evils came out in the conversation that Common Core had brought about...from confusing math homework, to timed tests, to poor home-school communication.  The reality is that none of those evils have anything to do with the Common Core.  However, now that it's in the spotlight, it's easy to lump every problem in schools today on that hot topic.  I felt like the men from MythBusters separating what Common Core was from things that have nothing to do with it.

Now, I'm not here to defend every aspect of the Common Core or to say it's a silver bullet in education.  But what I hope to do is defuse some of the mystery and the myth surrounding it.  My guess is that most people, whether they are educators or not, feel that every child should have a "core" education that makes them college or career ready.  I'm also willing to bet that most people have unknowingly lumped political propaganda and urban legend into what they "know" about Common Core.  One great resource for people to use when looking for factual information on the Common Core and how it came about is the Michigan Department of Education Common Core FAQ Sheet, which can be found at this link: MDE Common Core FAQ .  Mark Twain said it best when he said "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." As educators, we need to know the facts and sometimes we need to be the MythBusters!

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PEARLS OF WISDOM (from Mark Twain)

"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please."

"All generalizations are false, including this one."

"There are lies, damned lies, and statistics."

A video that shows how teachers SHOULD be treated:) 


Monday, September 28: Jon to Rotary lunch meeting
Wednesday, September 30: IEP Limberg/Casucci 8:20 am
                                           REED Limberg/Fuller 9:00 am
                                           Administrative Bond Meeting 1:00 pm
                                           Lock Down Drill (run by Joe) 2:00 pm
Thursday, October 1: 8:00 Staff Meeting (in Sandi Benson's room) 8:00 am
                                         Elementary Principal Meeting 1:00 pm
                                         PTA Meeting in the LMC 6:30 pm
Friday, October 2: Walk-a-Thon in the building 1:00-2:30 pm

Monday, October 5: Student of the Month Assembly (Respect) 3:00 pm
Tuesday, October 6: 8:05 PBS Committee Meeting
Wednesday, October 7: IEP Limberg/Bartnick 8:00 am
Thursday, October 8: Staff Meeting 8:00 am (Phil Francis guest)

Monday, October 12: Picture Day in the AM
                                  Data Dive in the LMC (K-2 in the morning and 3&4 in the afternoon)
Tuesday, October 13: No Students / District PD day
Wednesday, October 14: Bill Roberts AXA representative will be available to teachers 8:00 am
Thursday, October 15: Staff Meeting 8:00 am
                                    Elementary Principals Meeting 1:00 pm


  1. You should totally submit the CCSS myths to the Mythbusters! What fun would that be!!

  2. Great post Wennstrom! Love the brevity and succinct way you got your point accross!