Friday, May 23, 2014

Childhood Heroes

This past weekend, I experienced a tremendous thrill in meeting one of my childhood heroes...William Shatner. Yep, I got a photo op and autograph session with Captain Kirk! As I spent the day walking around the Motor City Comic Con, it was like walking down memory lane with all of my childhood heroes.  Lee Majors and Lindsey Wagner were there along with so many of the television and movie stars that I loved as a kid.  It got me thinking of what wonderful times I lived in as a child and I wanted to share some of those memories from my first ten years.

One of my earliest memories was of the bicentennial.  I had a pair of red, white, and blue USA jeans and remember thinking how fun it was to celebrate my birthday so close to the nation's 200th birthday with a family cookout.  I remember being scared to swim in our neighborhood lake after watching Jaws. I remember my extended family at parties going around saying they were "going to make them an offer they can't refuse" in their best Godfather voice.  The first movie I ever saw in a theater was Star Wars and television as a child was Star Trek, Buck Rogers, The Six Million Dollar Man and Space 1999. Linda Carter will forever be Wonder Woman, Lou Ferrigno the Hulk and Christopher Reeve was the one who made me believe a man could fly.  Saturday mornings were filled with Super Friends and humming along to School House Rock. I remember John Lennon being shot (right about the time I was learning to love The Beatles) and listening to Howard Cosell's unique voice as my dad watched Monday Night Football. My friends and I all asked for boxing gloves for Christmas after watching Rocky more times than I could count. They were still having moonwalks when I was a baby and the space shuttle was still new as I was leaving elementary school.  It's no wonder space and science fiction captivated my imagination. I remember going to drive in movies with sleeping bags and pretending I was Evel Knievel on my dirt bike. Everything was larger than life back then!

As an adult, I still enjoy a lot of the old things I used to as a child, but the feelings have changed.  I still have some of my old collections (like every Superman comic since 1972 and every episode of all the Star Trek series) , but I think the enjoyment comes more from the nostalgia of thinking how I felt when those shows and heroes were still larger than life.  This weekend's walk down memory lane was a chance to relive some of those old feelings and also to share them with my family. A chance to remember how excited I used to get over those childhood heroes and how I still believed a little in magic.  Who am I kidding....I was a kid again and the excitement was even better the second time around as an adult.  The magic was still there...and I hope it always will be:)


"Oh, for God's sake... get a life, will you?" - William Shatner (not to me specifically;)

"Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land it." - Evel Knievel

"Some people are walking around with full use of their bodies and they're more paralyzed than I am." - Christopher Reeve


Monday, May 26: Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 27:  Public library visits in the gym in morning
                             11:20 Benson Evaluation
                             1:05 Boggs Evaluation
                            3:00 Final SOTM Assembly

Wednesday, May 28: 8:15 IEP (Nadon)
                                  9:30 Wennstrom Evaluation at Central Office
                                  1:05 Jouppi Evaluation
                                  3:00 Weakley Evaluation

Thursday, May 29: 8:00 Staff Meeting
                              10:00 Robison Evaluation
                              3:05-3:30 Super Be Party (K-4)

Friday, May 30: 2:00 Safety Patrol Party in the gym
                         6:30-8:30 Rosedale Spring Fling!


Wednesday, June 4:  Field Day
Thursday, June 5: Final PTA Meeting 6:30 pm
Thursday, June 12: All School Assembly 10:00-11:00 
                                4th Grade Parade and Clap Out 11:40
Friday, June 13: All Staff Checked out by 3:30 pm 

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